Hi all,
I need some help with a Highpoint RocketRaid 1640 Raid controller with 4 500GB seagate SATA drives. This server was running in a remote location and it was a couple months before I found out that one of the drives had failed. I attempted a recovery by adding a new drive and rebuiding the array. After 3 days the rebuild failed. So I decided to move the array into a newer machine with faster processor and more RAM. I installed the drivers and when asked about deleting the configuration, I had a senior moment and deleted it. Now I have the drives and controller in a new box and the controller recognizes the drives but not the array. Highpoint has been absolutely worthless asking me if I installed drivers etc. after I have repeatedly expained the problem and asked for a utility to scan the drives and rebuild the configuration file so that the card will recognize the array and I can recover my data.
Can anyone out there provide me with info on how to rebuild my config file without reinitializing the drives and loosing my data?
RocketRaid 1640
Bios 3.06
highpoint management console: 3.09
OS: Windows 2003/XP ( I can use either)