Thanks, I guess that makes me a professional amateur.

I always put my boot drive on the lowest numbered Intel sata port. I don't know if connecting your ssd to port 0 will further improve performance.

From page 38 in your mobo user manual:
Advanced BIOS Features
Use this menu to configure the device boot order, advanced features available on the CPU, and the primary display adapter.

In ATTO, your READ speeds look good, but your WRITE speeds seem to be lower than expected. The remaining benchmarks seem to be about the same as reported in reviews. You'll save yourself a lot of wasted benchmark time and worry if you read the OCZ forum threads that deal with Sandforce Vertex benchmarking recommended procedures found in Guide OCZ SandForce (Agility2/Vertex2) expected Benchmarks and General Info and
OCZ Forum - SSD ABC Guide. Many benchmarks use non-compressible data and doesn't play nice with Sandforce ssds. This is explained in detail in the OCZ ssd forum. It's best to run Crystal Disk Mark with significantly lower amounts of test data. Instead of running the default 5 x 1000MB of data (5GB of data per test!), many will run CDM with 3 x 100MB of test data. Running multiple SSD benchmarks during a single logon session will lead to lower benchmark scores in the subsequent tests.

Several forum members posted some great win7/ssd recommendations in, and it's only 97 posts long. It shouldn't take longer than an evening's worth of reading for these three threads.
Happy reading.