I was curious about how to fix an SDHC card that has started telling the camera the memory card has an error and that it is locked. Then when you went to put it in the computer the computer won't recognize it at all either. I did a Google on this problem and the only thing I could find was about the little slide on the side that would lock the card. That was not the case with this as it happened in the camera. We were at a Luau in Maui and the card went to 0 and said Memory card error. Not a nice thing to see when you have a couple days worth of pictures from Kauai and another couple from Maui. I then placed the card in the computer when we got back from the Luau hoping I could recover them from the card. No program was going to be able to recover them because now the computer will not even recognize the card when I put it in. I cleaned the contacts on the card with a Q tip to make sure they were not dirty but that still did not help. I was curious to find out what people have done to get the card to work. I did come up with a solution but am just wondering what others have done.