Itís been a while since I got my Dell M6500, and the speed now is not so impressive so I decide to upgrade it with a new SSD.
At first I was very frustrated to found thereís not too many option on the market because dell m6500 need a mSATA interface, Also SSD appeared several years ago and was praised to be the next main storage device at PC filed, but I just find Intel 310 and Renice X3 mSATA SSD compatible. I have no idea but make a decision on these two drives. After a detail comparison, I am very excited to the result.

As a consumer, i always keep a watchful eye to the Performance, Reliability and Price.

It is no doubt that people always have a good impression with Intel, me too.
Intelís controller is home made. The 310 series max sequential W/R speed is up to 200/70mb/s, Renice use Sandforce SF1222 to gain a much faster speed 260/200mb/s. This data seems so impressive no wonder that Renice announced it to be the fastest mSATA in the word. Although the IT giant, Intel SSD ranks far behind of Sandforce, according to StorageResearchís Top 20 SSD manufacture. We could find sandforce ranks 3 but Intel just 9. I am not sure whether the W/R speed for both SSD somewhat exaggerated or not, but just consider the controller, I will trust Sandforce more, I always think they are more professional on SSD filed.

About the NAND Flash, Intel have home made 34nm MLC flash, the capacity are 40GB and 80GB, Renice mSATA use Micron 34nm MLC flash, more options on capacity: 30/60/120GB. If you search IMFT will find that actually Intelís flash are also made by Micron. Micron and Intel have a joint venture, IMFT, that produces NAND Flash for both companies as well as their customers. Micron gets 51% of IMFT production for its own use and resale, while Intel gets the remaining 49%. In this case I do not think thereís any big difference on the NAND Flash between Intel and Renice.

The key point of SSD lies in the controller and flash, since sandforce have such a strong sense of performance and both SSD flash are produced by Micron, Intel 310 just have a bit short comings on the W/R Speed performance but other reliability should be no difference to Renice mSATA. So on performance, Renice mSATA gives me more confident while both have very near reliability.

Professional Review of Renice mSATA on NotebookReviewgave very high marks.

The final theme -- Price is my top consideration, Since itís a commercial SSD used for personal notebook, price is the key to be popular or not,
I have done a larger volume of job on finding a good price from internet. Finally I find this amazing.

199.99$ on Newegg for 80GB Intel 310. That is about 2.5$/GB
249.9$ on B2CIT for 120GB Renice mSATA. That is about 2.08$/GB!!!

At first, B2CIT sell the 120gb Renice mSATA at 299.9$, whatís amazing is that I was so lucky to found a Sales Promotion on B2CIT website. They advertise that a Sales Promotion launched during 20th -30th June. 120GB Renice mSATA Promotion price is 249.9$ with a mSATA to SATA adaptor for free! I am so excited when I first found this and I ordered one without hesitate. Stephy on B2CIT told me this promotion only valid for 100pcs limited quantity and my order will come to me in less than 7 days!