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Thread: Trying to resize Windows partition on a RAID (1+0) array

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    Default Trying to resize Windows partition on a RAID (1+0) array

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a RAID (1+0) Array installed in my computer. The array consists of 4 x Samsung 160 Gig Drives, giving me a total usable disk space of approximately 300 Gigabytes.

    I originally partitioned the space on my RAID array into one partition for Windows (set Active), and one logical partition for data.

    My computer is several years old, and I now want to reduce my data partition and expand my Windows partition.

    In an effort to do this I shrunk my data partition, as can be seen below -

    After shrinking the partition I checked to see if I could expand my Windows partition into the newly available space, as shown below -

    As can be seen above it is not possible to 'Extend Volume...' using Windows disk management, even though there is free space on the adjacent partition. I thought that this may be related to the fact that the free space (on the data partition), is not formatted, so I formatted the space, as shown below -

    I have subsequently attempted to extend the Windows partition again, however I am finding that doing so still isn't possible through the Windows disk management console.

    Finally if I use a partitioning tool, such as Partition Wizard, instead of seeing a single drive (with three partitions) I instead see all four physical drives with various partition details, as shown below -

    How can I go about resizing the Windows partition in this situation? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards,


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    Default Re: Trying to resize Windows partition on a RAID (1+0) array

    What you need to do is backup your G: and D: Drive and then delete both partitions and right click on the green (extended) partition and delete that as well. Then you should be able to extend your C: drive to the size you want and then recreate the others partitions you deleted.

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