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Thread: tap tap tap then HD Failure

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    I have a Maxtor 60g 5400 hd as a primary slave on a SIIG controller card. It started making this tap tap noise then I lost the partition. I reboot and it's identified incorrectly as a 14g hd. I took it out and put it in an old P3 system and at boot it tells me hard drive failure. It won't identify the drive.

    I had over 16g of mp3 and around 27g of movies :cry: Is there anyway I could recover those? I only have a backup of my main drive :cry:

    Any place (not expensive) where I could have the data recovered?

    Need all the advice before I panic.

    Thanks in advance.


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    There are places that will charge ya an arm an a leg to recover ya info for ya but otherwise it's lost. :(

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    ouch thats gotta hurt thats why i have 1000s of CDs With all my data on them juz incase
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