Hi all,

I'm a graduate student at Portland State University, looking for experts in flash storage technology OR data-center applications to help me get expert-opinion data for a paper.

Specifically, I'm looking for those familiar with current flash storage technology (TLC/QLC/3DXP) OR current data center storage models (hot/warm/cold), and the metrics used to select SSDs for data center applications.

My ask is for experts that can do a series of maybe a dozen or so 1:1 comparisons where you would attribute 100 points between two alternatives (example would be pictured, but I donít want to hit a spam filter!)

For example, a flash expert would rate TLC against 3DXP in terms of UBER (uncorrectable bit error rate), while a data center applications expert would rate how important TBW (total bytes written) is in comparison to UBER for hot data applications.

While either expertise is needed, each of them will need to be familiar with common SSD rating metrics and concepts: TBW, UBER, retention, GB/s, IOps, latency, $/GB, and active/idle/sleep power modes.

If you'd can help, please email me at [email protected]

Thank you!