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Thread: SATA help!!!

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    thats kinda hard, i got a couple of thoes WD raptors on back-order for meself, but asfar as i know, with hdd it depends on manufac. date and what generation they are. alot fo brand new s-ata hdd are just ata133 with a diff interface. just from my reading of new pc parts, alot of hdd interface isnt up to sataspecs so u might just be gettign a ata100 with a new interface, but as i said it depends on manf. date, myy friend has the same maxtor ata133 8meg cache 120gig but his performs 3% faster then mine on a hddtac his is only 4 months newer then mine

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    Glad to be back boys!

    I had my whole system go down after downloading some things off of my Asus support disk. I had to delete my partition and re-install my OS> REally Sucky!

    But as for my problem, I of course fixed it ages ago! I had to install the SATA raid controller (Silicon3112) off of my Asus disk to a floppy. (the same one that gave me problems later) I than start to install XP and press F6 when prompted to. At this point I popped in my floppy and it recognized my HDD. Than I had to finish the installation procedure, and presto I am finished.

    The BIOS still does not recognize my SATA drive but who cares, since my OS works. The only thing I don't like is that I have to press F1 each time I boot up. Is this normal with SATAs? I would appreciate an answer


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    I have to assume your boot sequence set to look for SATA first?

    At what point does it prompt you to push F1?
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    Did you solve this problem? I'm booting from a SATA drive on an ASUS board also and don't have to press anything. Have to make sure that the jumper is set on the mobo and SATA is enabled by default in BIOS but I would assume you have that set already. You can use fdisk to verify that your boot drive is in fact HDD0 and that that is the drive the BIOS looks to for the boot sequence.

    You could try editing the boot.ini file in Windows also.
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