Source :Ubooquity - Your home server for comics and ebooks

Download :

Dependencies :

Fajo OracleJRE7 for Intel based NAS
EJRE7 for PPC based NAS

Note :

Listen on port 2202
on first install setup your pass with http://you_nas_ip:2202/admin

About :

Home server for comics and ebooks

Ubooquity is a free, lightweight and easy-to-use home server for your comics and ebooks. Use it to access your files from anywhere, with a tablet, an e-reader, a phone or a computer.

Main features

Simple graphical interface to configure your server in a few minutes
Web administration page available if you prefer to do everything through your browser
User management with secured access, to decide who can see what
Online comic reader to read your comics without downloading huge files
Compatible with Calibre metadata, for better ebooks collection management
Can be installed on any OS supporting Java (Windows, Linux, Mac OS...) and on a wide range of hardware (desktop computer, server, NAS...)
Supports many types of files, with a preference for epub, zip (cbz), rar (cbr) and PDF files