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Thread: Dr. Power ~ Documentation?

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    Default Dr. Power ~ Documentation?

    I bought the PSU voltage tester A2358. It's a simple device with green LEDs to show whether a PSU is working properly.

    It can do a lot more than that. You can attach drive connections as well. But the makers evidently figured the tool is so simple that anybody can figure out how to use it.

    I'm not that savvy. I looked at it and I realized which connectors were which, but I wasn't really able to guess what or why each application would work. And I wondered—if I DID know that much—whether I'd have purchased this tool. Wouldn't a more knowledgeable person just wire up his tests without using a device such as Dr. Power?

    I'd have been a lot happier if ThermalTake had supplied some documentation. That would be good PR for TT, as well—people buy simple things like this and form some idea of the company's merits. It's a nice little tool, but guessing doesn't cut it for me. I think TT would sell more of these but it is really the ONLY tool I have ever bought that doesn't explain its features for the uninitiated.

    Thanks, TT.
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    Default Re: Dr. Power ~ Documentation?

    I guess documentation wasn't deemed necessary for this tool. Though I'm not in PR so don't quote me on that. Those who are interested in testing their PSU are technical enough to figure out how to use it. Also, considering most people don't actully read manuals I think not including one has environmental merits with less waste paper produced.

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