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Thread: WTB: 4MB Matrox Mystique

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    Yes it's an old card, but I have a Rainbow Runner Studio that I want to hook up to it.

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    Beefy Guest


    I've got both a Matrox Mystique and a Rainbow Runner card sitting on my shelf at home. Not much point splitting them apart though, is there? So unless you want the whole thing, sorry... Also, where are ya from?

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    Hi Beefy,

    I live in Melbourne. Is the Mystique you have a 4MB card? I have a 2MB card now, the only reason I want a 4MB one is the 2MB one only supports editing to a maximum of 800X600.

    Do you still do video editing? If so, what do you use now? I was looking at the Pinnacle DC 10 Plus, but would rather not spend the $450 for it if I can avoid it.

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    Beefy Guest


    Hi brashquido.. :)

    Yeah, I've got the 4MB version of the card. I haven't really used it much in the last few years, and when I tried to get it going recently, I found that I couldn't get it to work in Windows XP.. so what I was intending to do was wait until I could build a basic system with Win98SE.. I've got bits and pieces of a system lying around, I just needed a few more to finish it off.

    I just muck around doing video editing now. Nothing serious. At work, I tend to go straight onto the G4 Mac they have , and use the Firewire interface hooked straight into a MiniDV cam. Simple as hell to use, then I transfer stuff onto PC and use Premiere to do the editing.

    I can totally understand you not wanting to buy a new Pinnacle card. They are good, but you have to pay some big cash for it. I loved my Mystique when I used it a long time ago, that's why I've still got it sitting around. Does the 4MB version give you higher editing resolution though? From memory, I could only get 800x600 resolution with mine as well.. I could be wrong. It was a long time ago...

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    Thanks for that Beefy! I somehow got the impression that I was limited to 800X600 because of the memory. It must be a limitation of the Rainbow Runner if you could only edit in 800X600 with a 4MB card, I might have to shell out for the Pinnacle.

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    Beefy Guest


    I'm fairly sure that the resolution would be set by the Rainbow Runner card, as it's the piece of hardware dealing with the input / output of the video...

    I might have to get my ass into gear and set that up again. I miss that card now.. :)

    EDIT: Just doing some research, and saw your post on the Matrox forums. :) As far as I could tell from what I saw, it is the RR card which is the limiting factor here. The memory of the video card is just that, memory for video usage.

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    I probably should clear this bit up, I am talking about Desktop resolution, not video capture resolution. When I try and edit video with a desktop reslution of more than 800X600 I get an error message saying that hardware accelaration is not available, and I think I remember it saying somthing about not enough memory. From there I only have the option to use software rendering which sux bad.

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    Beefy Guest


    Ahhh, now I see where you are coming from. Can you actually set the desktop res to higher that 800x600 with your card or not?

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    Yup, can goto about [email protected] I think, it just losses hardware support for video editing at 800X600. I'm thinking the Mystique and Rainbow Runner have to share the ram and 2MB isn't much.

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    hmm.. well, did you still want to try the card?

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