My brother just passed down to me his old(but better) mobo/proc/mem so now I can sell my older stuff. All you need for a complete PC is an HD and a case. I am asking $175.00 and will cover shipping. Email me at [email protected] if interested.

Intel 815EEA mobo /Intel graphics/ 4x AGP/
Intel Pentium3 933Mhz (256kb L2/CoolerMaster HSF)
Kingston 256mb PC133 mem
Antec 200Watt PS(NEW)
Creative AudioPCI 128 Digital Sound Card
Slot Cooler
1 Tube ArcticSilver2(NEW)
MS Dual Strike Gamepad(New)
Win98SE CD-ROM/Book,MS WorksSuite2000,Jane's Combat Sim Collection,Swat2,DirtTrack Racing,Mobil 1 Rally, Drag Racing2.

Also as funny as this may seem I am giving away a fully working(don't laugh) Apple Performa 637CD. It's loaded with a 33Mhz Motorola 68040 proc(no FPU), 36mb ram, 365mb HD, 2x CD-ROM, Teleport 56k external modem, gravis joystick, 15" Mutli-scan display, keyboard & mouse, MacOS 7.5.5 and tons of software and games(DooM2,Dark Forces,SimCity,Hexen, Pacman3D)-good for a young kid or something- and all books included. If you want it for whatever reason, you just pay shipping on it. I know it's garbage but I feel better if I at least offer it to someone before hitting the trash or performing major meaningless surgery.