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Thread: FS: SYstem Combo 2100+ (cpu/ram/mobo/gpu/cd-rw)

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    Default FS: Complete Combo 2100+ (cpu/ram/mobo/gpu/cd-rw)

    i have a brand new system for sale. Long story short, i bought it 2-3 months ago from for my friend, then his parents upgraded his comp b/c of graduation, so now he just has these parts doing nothing. They are brand new and have only been used to make sure that they are working and were not DOA'd.

    Part Combo:

    AMD Athlon XP 2100+, stock HSF
    256 Crucial PC2100
    Shuttle AK35GT2R VIA KT33
    Chaintech Geforce 4 Ti 4200 - 8X AGP
    ***Maxtor 7200rpm 40gb ATA***
    ***Yamaha CD-RW 20/10/40****

    The CPU and the MOBO are both unlockable, and thus are able to be overclocked.

    The cpu and hsf, and the ram, are already installed into the board. The mobo and gpu comes in orginal boxes with all originial accessories (manuals, discs, IDE cables, options USB ports, etc..).

    The reason the yamaha is *** above is becuase it is not new and it is my own. I've had it for about 14 months or so and since i am getting a DVD burner for my bday, i've decided to sell it with the above combo. I have never had a problem with it not reading a manufactured CD or it screwing up a CD-R burn. Lately, i've had on and off sucess with it reading burnt CD-Rs. It is also rather loud at reading/accessing any type of CD. I would probably estimate that it has about a 6-8 month lifetime on it. I'm throwing it in there regardless, b/c it is still perfect in its main fuction of reading and burning CDs.

    The Maxtor HDD is also mine and works perfectly. I am just selling it becuase i am getting a bigger one for free.

    Performance wise, this system is rock steady. It got a 3dmark2001se score of 9508 with the 45.02 drivers. It also ran the alpha of Doom 3 pretty well too.

    my heat is 'menorton'. right now it had no refs, but a positive ref will be forthcoming.

    For the above 6 items, i'm asking $300, or reasonable offer

    I live in Virginia, USA. I will pay up to $8 insured, after that shipping is by the buyer.

    Questions/Comments? E-mail me at [email protected]

    edit 1: Inclusion of HDD, change of price, and shipping info.
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