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Thread: 4x256 Samsung PC-2700 + FX5200 128mb AGP 8X + Intel 865GLC socket 478 Mobo

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    Exclamation >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Discontinued Sale<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Discontinued Sale<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    4 Sticks of system memory, work great, never had any problems with them at all. I'm just ready to move onto PC-3200. It's Samsung original PC-2700. It is 4x256mb sticks, 2 from 2003, 2 from 2004. Like new. No errors. Never been OC'd >>>$60<<<

    Specific Specs for Mem:
    Model: M368L3223ETN-CB3
    Cas Latency: *Correction* 166mz (DDR333) 2.5, 4, 4, 8 *On my system*
    *Results may possibly vary for ram Cas Latency*
    PC-2700 (333mhz)
    184-Pin DDR SDRAM
    Voltage: 2.5
    ECC: No
    Correction: None
    Manufacturer Warranty: As always, Lifetime.

    FX 5200 128mb graphics card, works great, It is DX8 but emulates DX9.
    Overclocked it a few times but never let it go too far. This is a OEM version, it has no fan, only a heatsink. Only >>>$35<<< because it was OC'd

    Specific Specs for GPU:


    NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200
    250 MHz GPU
    4 Pixel Pipelines
    350 MHz RAMDAC


    128 MB, 64 bit DDR
    400 MHz (effective)
    3.2 GB/s Memory Bandwidth


    AGP 8X
    VGA, S-Video

    Intel 865GLC socket 478 Motherboard - It is an OEM from Gateway. Does the job, I could never flash the bios due to it being locked by the manufacturer, resulting in odd behavoir of cpu fan speed connector on the motherboard. No other conflicts occured at any other time while in use. That's the only downside I can tell you about it. Other than that, I am sure you could put it to good use if you were looking for something to run a LAN server on or build a test computer, maybe even a low end or mid range gaming pc. >>>$50<<<

    Specific Specs for Motherboard:

    Alot of details for this one, thought I may provide the link to save time.
    Intel 865GLC -

    If you buy them all together you get a discount to: $120.00
    /\/\/\ You save $25.00 with the 3-1 deal! /\/\/\

    Shipping Cost will be paid by me.
    All sales are as is and final. I cannot support technical help. Payment of a check perferably, I don't have a paypal account. Sorry. U.S. Money only.
    If you are from Australia, and a different form of payment is required, please post to me what you had in mind.

    Hope to do business soon. Thanks. Synchro.
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    Default Re: 4x256 Samsung PC-2700 + FX5200 128mb AGP 8X + Intel 865GLC socket 478 Mobo

    I'll give you $10 for one of your DDR 256mb Sticks.

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    Default Re: 4x256 Samsung PC-2700 + FX5200 128mb AGP 8X + Intel 865GLC socket 478 Mobo

    i am looking for 865glc motherboard alone,at what price can you get me.please mail to [email protected]

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