Hi everyone,

Haven't posted a while on TT, but I'm still alive and I have something for sale!

My Nvidia 8800gtx!
-It's a reference card from Nvidia, so there's no brand; just Nvidia.
-I used it for about 4 months and prior to that, it was brand new, bought from a friend with connections to nvidia.
-I can ship, or if you live in either the SF bay area or close to Sacramento, we can meet up to do the trade.
-I'll accept paypal, or if you have a wells fargo online account, you can just transfer the money to me.
-you can get this on ebay for probably $450, or in stores for ~$500

-PM me if you're interested and you've been a part of TT for at least 8 months (I'll also consider it if you have a ton of posts).