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Thread: 2 Linux Convertible, Fully functioning Systems for Barter/Exchange

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    Default 2 Linux Convertible, Fully functioning Systems for Barter/Exchange

    I got 2 fully functioning, systems. Inside each of the systems are heavy RF shielding (boy, they're heavy!) and a paper sticker about everything, like the tiny switches, jumpers, voltages, ports, possible RAM configurations, disassembly instructions, and many, many more.

    Here are the Specs:

    #1: IBM PC 400
    Pentium MMX 200MHz
    16MB RAM
    LPX type board
    Windows 2000
    10+ GB HDD
    CD Drive
    Floppy Drive

    #2: Compaq Deskpro
    Pentium 3 600MHz
    128MB RAM
    Windows 98
    Backplane-LPX Type board
    Laptop-Style CD Drive
    Floppy Drive

    I want to trade it in for a (Used ok) Playstation 2 with controller and Mem. Card, Preferably Modded (Non-modded ok), Preferrably Slim type (Regular type ok), and fully working (defectives NOT ok).

    If you are interested, Send me a private message. I might reply in 1-3 days.

    You can convert it to either:
    2 Linux file servers, 1 File server and 1 Smoothwall, 2 Smoothwalls, Linux Emulation Box (Pentium III) and a Linux Typestation (P MMX) or whatever you can do with Linux!

    I my home is located in Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, near Finch Avenue (at this time of writing it is being asphalted) and also near Nelson Park and Blackbird.

    Give me a PM if you're interested!
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    Default Ramping Up...

    I am now asking for a PS2 (look up) OR a PSone Slim with a Sony 5" LCD monitor.

    I am now including some salvageable, dead stuff:

    1 Compaq deskpro missing RAM and HD and CD drive, but processor (Pentium 3) and everything is complete (PSU, Board). Dont know if it works.

    A dead computer. With Intel Pentium Pro Socket 8. There are Two RAMs and an ATi Rage PCI card. It also got an AT/XT PSU for those ones who run old IBMs. It also has a HD and a CD Rom.

    Oh, yeah, Everything sold AS-IS.

    Thank you!

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