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Thread: new guy here

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    Default new guy here

    I saw some FAQs and tech responses to questions on this site that impressed me with the quality of explanations, PICTURES clear and well-labelled, and readable s I came on board to see some more. Please bear with my low level of knowledge and experience in the "inner" parts of computers.

    It seems like for me in trying to fix or tweak, or even just use a computer there's always something wrong. I am not a negative nay-Bob or pessimist, that just seems to be my pattern. Curse?

    Anyway, hello, and I'd like to ask one or two questions of the probably threadbare variety around here:

    How can you either (1) test a computer/motherboard to see whether it's problem in not booting or showing up on the screen is just that it didn't have memory boards in it when you got it (just had 2 "filler" sticks and two empty slots.) POST debug shows fast sequence of C1, AF, C1 and then stops on 01. EDIT: oh, there's a repeating intermittent (?) "beep" and an occasional "boop", a power green light and a little red light near the "reset" button on board.

    I did go to FAQ and saw thier nice pictures and explanation, and I do think that my otherwise apparently clean and fit computer--an ABIT TH7-RAID, exactly like the one shown in the FAQ forum--is probably (!) OK. The post test readout seems pretty consistent with a memory stick prob or missing memory. Now, I want to see whether I can get this thing running for my granddaughter, but I cannot afford to buy a diagnostic program OR buy a couple of memory sticks at the store and then find out that there's more than this wrong.

    So (2): how do you all work around buying expensive (a relative term unless you're as poor as this codger living on a shoestring) memory just to test a board?

    Any suggestions or creative alternatives--or even a virtual hug and pat on the head--will be appreciated.
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    Default Re: new guy here

    Thread closed to remove duplicate responses. Thread exists in the Motherboard forum.
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