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Thread: Data Projector Going Cheap!!

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    AHA!! Got my new 1.2Ghz Duron for my HTPC. I'll be posting some pics of my projectors displays side by side so you can see the difference between a $10,000 Dream Vision, and the Kodak I'm selling for $2,750. There will be a difference, but only an idiot like myself will think it's a $7,250 difference

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    Any scenes from any movies people would like to see inparticular?

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    This scene is from Dante's Peak, and is all I got time to do last night. The kodak is the one at the top. The image quality difference is quite clear, although I didn't play around with the image settings on the Kodak, so its picture quality is not optimal.

    Remember, the picture at the top is of the Kodak, which I'm selling for $2,750. The one at the bottom is of my new Dream Vision, and it cost me $10,000.

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    What, not takers!?!:confused: :(

    OK, the lowest I'm prepared to go is $2,500. That's less than half of what I paid for it new less than 2 years ago! I'll even get a new remote for it included in that price!

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    dude, if i had the money i'd do it. but most people on here are really really poor.. :)

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    C'mon, you don't need both kidneys or lungs do ya!?!:rolleyes:

    I hear they fetch pretty good money on the blackmarket.:p

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    bugger, if i had of known u were gunna sell up these, i woulda not bought a car... damn

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    Such is life.

    What happened to your wagon?

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    Whohoo! I sold it!!:D However, way under what I wanted for it:(

    I played round with the settings a lot last night, and was able to get a really good picture out of it after following a guide I found on the net. The black level was the best I'd ever seen it, and I even got rid of the colour washout that I'd just accepted as being part of the projector.

    My new one is still better, but I'm starting to wonder if it was worth it for the amount of money I paid!:(

    Too late now anyway!!:rolleyes:

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    I would never buy a projector new though as the markup on them is massive and for the exact reason you just stated

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