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Thread: Data Projector Going Cheap!!

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    And I bought my new one at $3000 below normal price! :eek:
    I did get a 5 year parts and labour warranty with it though. I actually wanted the new Sharp 9000 series, but It's RRP is $18,000 ! My mate just bought himself a 97 WRX for that!!

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    ;) Well at least you didn't pay full retail, they become obsolete way too quickly. I know my Sony 3 gun 1270 was worth heaps when it was new but now since it's older it's more affordable, I know I'd take the Rex over the Proj any day

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    That is tempting, and I will have one some day! heh.. but I just don't have the use or the money for one now.

    It outputs 16 X 9 ehh??? You should try some WIDE SCREEN quake3..... which is supported by Q3 with no additional download or patch.

    DROOL........... :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    PS: OMG.. and then record a demo in it, and replay the demo and take some screenshots !!!! AHHH!!! OMFG... !!!!

    Ever been to one of those special theatres that surround you with the screen (we call the nearest on in Minnesota the 'Omni Theatre') OMFG can you imagine playing Quake sitting in the center of the theatre. HAHA You could CHARGE admission!! (if you were good enough to watch)

    Then get some base engines and mount them to the seats... OMG I would wet myself.....

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    :D Any extras with this offer? (e.g. extra bulb?) Cost to ship to US? :thumb:

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