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Thread: Data Projector Going Cheap!!

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    I realize this is probably beyond the budget for most of you, but here goes anyway.

    I have a Kodak V600 PolySi LCD SVGA Projector for sale. I brought it brand new less than 2 years ago, and it's done just over 200 hours work in that time.

    Note worthy points:

    • 1000 ANSI Lumen
    • PolySi LCD (much better colour saturation than active matrix LCD, and free of rainbow artifacts that DLP projectors suffer from)
    • Native SVGA (800 X 600), compressed XGA (1024 X 768)
    • RGB, S-Video, and Composite inputs
    • 4:3 and 16:9 modes for watching movies
    • Ceiling mount and remote control available
    • 4000 hour lamp life (200 hours used, about 9 years life left going on 4 movies a week)
    • Carry bag and cables included
    • Only selling it coz I brought a very expensive Dream Vision Starlight DL500 :)
    • Great for hooking up to you DVD, TV, VCR, PC, gaming console, etc...
    • In perfect condition
    • just coz :)

    All this for $2750 :) (cost $5,300 new :( )

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    US dollars?
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    Sorry, that's in Aussie dollars.

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    is there anything wrong with it?
    why are you selling it?
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    Nothing wrong with it at all. The only reason I'm selling it is because I got a bit more serious with my home theater and brought a new Dream Vision Starlight DL500 which cost me around 10k. You can see my thread on my new Dream Vision here

    This is my new Dream Vision! :)

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    Beefy Guest


    Hmmm... not bad.. But i'm happier with the little Toshiba model that I 'borrow' from work. It supports a non-compressed 1024x768, which looks a lot nicer...

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    Trust you to rain on my parade again Beefy!:D

    I bet that Toshi cost your work a lot more than $2750!


    But if you can borrow it, who gives a stuff how much it cost, as long as it's not costing you;) !

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    No takers??:(

    I'll post some images of it in action as soom as I get my HTPC working again (waiting on a replacement CPU), maybe that'll get some interest up.

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    Location, Location, Location :)

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    Dammit, I'll have to update my profile. I'm in Melbourne, but will courier to anywhere in Australia.

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