I am currently in HK and can source some Samsung Original PC2700, Kingston PC1066 and Samsung PC800. These sticks are new but does not carry warranty in Australia since they are purchased in HK.

I can guarentee that the SAMSUNG DDR are ORIGINAL and has SAMSUNG printed on the PCB of the memory. I will have them tested and make sure they are in working order before shipping.

I will be coming back this Sunday night and can ship them on monday at the earliest. This was originally posted in OCAU but was deleted because we wasnt supposed to sell multiple and new products over there. I hope these could be sold here.

These are the price. Not as cheap as I expect because ram price has raisen by a lot during the past few weeks.

Samsung PC2700 DDR Original 256MB = AU$188
Samsung PC2700 DDR Original 512MB = AU$348
Samsung PC800 RDRAM = AU$235
Kingston PC1067 ECC RDRAM = AU$325

All these includes shipping as well as an aftermarket RAM headspreader for DDR modules.