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Thread: brand spankin new MSI KT7266a-ru mobo and Duron 900mhz cpu

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    Well, I have a brand new MSI kt7266a-RU motherboard with a brand new OEM Duron 900 CPU. Neither has been out of the box.
    The motherboard is a retail package and come with everything. it includes the promise raid and USB 2.0.

    I am taking offers or trade for something around the same value.

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    where are you located?

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    i have to ask: why are you selling?

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    I am from the USA.

    When I bought these I was in the process of upgrading my pc and building another one with my old parts. I was going to buy the KT266a mobo for my pc and take my old mobo (abit kt133a) and use it for te other pc.

    but when I got the Motherboard I decided to test them out with my old 1ghz T-bird.. I hooked them up not even putting them in a case..(Just making sure nothing was defective) Well, when I powered up I had heard a Pop from the board itself ...not the CPU .. all I got was a black screen. but then I realized that CPU fan was not spinning...I unhooked the Motherboard and powered up without the CPU installed to check for power at the fan header. Sure enough there was no power. I followed it back to a blown crystal on the board (that what poped?) So, I tested the 1ghz t-bird in my system and it was dead. I then ordered a duron 900 to try out. When I got it I thought maybe the Cpu blew cause the fan never came on. So I just hooke the HSF to the Power Supply fan header that was right next to it..powered up ...started to show the bios then black screen.....I tested the CPU in my system and it was also dead. So now I have 2 blow CPU's and a messed up Mobo that obviously is the culprit here.

    So, in desperate need to get the second pc done before X-mas I couldn't wait for the replacments to arrive...I just ordered brand new Mobo and 900 Duron...So I could swap my old kt133a mobo for the kt7266a.

    I got the pc done and shipped out in time.

    Then I just sent the mobo and Cpu in for warranty replacement

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