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Thread: EPoX EP-8RGA+

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    EPoX EP-8RGA+

    Nvidia Nforce2 Chipset
    Support 200/266/333 mhz FSB AMD Athlon line of processors
    Dual Channel DDR400/333/266/200
    Onboard Geforce4MX Graphics
    AGP 4X/8X
    (6) PCI slots
    (4) rear USB 2.0/1.1 ports, (2) accessible via headers
    (2) Firewire ports
    (2) ATA 133/100/66 IDE channels
    Many overclocking functions in the BIOS.

    1 mouse, 1 keyboard
    (4) USB 2.0/1.1
    (2) VGA
    (2) serial
    1 parallel
    1 LAN

    Supports up to 2GB PC3200 in Dual Channel, 3GB PC3200 in Single Channel mode.

    Integrated Geforce4MX with a maximum of 128mb shared memory, adjustable video clock speed of 100/110/120/130mhz.

    CPU, DIMM, AGP, and Northbridge voltages are all changeable throught the BIOS.
    FSB is adjustabe through 250mhz
    Multiplier adjstable
    DIMM timing and speed are adjuable throught the BIOS.

    Integrated RealtekALC650E 6 channel audio.

    This motherboard comes in the standard EPoX box, pretty cool looking little box I suppose. When you open it up, the Motherboard is on the top, in an anti-static bag of course. Then the drivers/Bundle Software CD. Followed by the manual, Board Layout, and a Magic Flash manual. It also comes with (2) Firewire connectiors, one Gameport, and on Serial port connector. Finally, the same old IDE, and Floppy cable that most motherboard manufacturers provide. They also include the I/O shield.

    The Motherboard
    The Motherboard is the general EPoX PCB color, the green color. It has the diagnostic LCD in the bottom right. One thing that caught the eye is the Passive Northbridge cooler.

    Bundled Software
    This motherboard was bundled with Norton Ghost 7.0, and PCCillin 2002

    Installaton of this board was quite simple, but one problem is the (2) IDE connectors are nearly too far down for the cable from my CD-RW and DVD-ROM to reach, and I have a fairly small case, so if you have a bigger case, you'll really need to get a 24in. cable for that reach.

    The Hardware used for these tests is:
    AMD Athlon XP 2100+
    EPoX EP-8RGA+
    (2) 256mb Buffalo Tech. PC3200
    64mb shared memory (onboard video)
    120GB WD 7200RPM 2mb cache
    I put a fan on the Northbridge Heatsink, because it tends to run hot.

    3D Mark 2001SE

    SiSoftware Sandra
    Memory bandwith


    Overall, this is a great motherboard for the moderate gamer, or an Overclocking enthusiast. It would also be a great home or small office computer motherboard, as it has great features for a great value.

    Great Value
    Great overclocking options
    Possibly the best onboard video solution out there
    Packed with features
    Bundled Software
    BIOS can be flashed in Windows

    Northbridge and Southbridge both run fairly hot, northbridge nearly must have an active cooler.
    IDE connectors are too far down

    My Rating

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    I have a UNEEC clone case and with the burner in the top possie (master) I have no probs connectin' it with the DVD with 18" rounded cables.

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    Im using two drives though, so that takes some of the length away ;)

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    All done!! My put some overclocking results in it when my 1700+ Tbred"B" gets here. You'll probably see some little changes to it, as I perfect it to my liking as well.

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