I remember when the KG7 Raid... oh i loved that board and support for 4gig DDR. that was surely my first classic mobo and ace performance for a true RAID setup. I repect ABIT much. i never did push that board cos i had it in a crap case that had no head room or cooling potential an video card crashes. but the bios had every setting you could dare to touch. it was the best investment i made. Maybe i'll set it up in this current LL PC-60 as i will soon be upgrading to the xoxide LL Warrior. BIG RESPECT FOR ABIT AND EPOX
Another impressive nforce2 board by leadtek is the Leadtek nForce2 Ultra400 (K7NCR18D Pro II) Limited Edition. this should not be ignored. it looks to have great potential. i'll look into some reviews some of the features are:
the board features
Vddq(+0.2V or +0.1V),
Chipset core Vdd(1.6~1.9V),
100MHz-300MHz FSB adjustment and upto 24x multiplier
Supports CPU FSB 200-400MHZ DDR
- Supports DDR266/DDR333/DDR400
- 3 *184 Pin DIMM .Memory size up to 3GB
- 4 USB2.0 on Back Panel, 2 USB2.0 on Front Panel
- 1*AGP8X. 4* PCI, 1*ACR
- Supports Ultra ATA 133
- 2*COM,1*Printer, 1*CIR,1*IR
- PCI 2.2 Specification compliant
- ALC650 6X AC 97 Sounds Chip on Board
- Adjustment for Best performance turning Vcore, Vmem, AGP, Vddq, CPU Ratio
- Supports Dual 10/100Mbps LAN
- Supports SATA Raid 0 and Raid 1
- Supports Smart Card Interface and Application Program
- Supports 3Ports 1394
- Supports RCA & Optical SPDIF Output for Dolby Digital