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Thread: TweakTown wear

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    My much anticipated TweakTown T-shirt arrived today.
    What timing, this is an anniversary gift from my spouse - and, today is that day.

    I found the ordering process at cafepress to be quite painless. Pretty direct and to-the-point compared to some of the ordering processes to be found online.
    I was slightly disappointed that it was a full week from the time my order was placed till it was shipped.
    But I do understand that cafepress serves a number of clients besides TweakTown, and in so much as this was an order for a T-shirt and not medical supplies - It's all good.
    Once the order was shipped, it arrived in the usual time that the US Post Offices takes to get a parcel to my location.

    As for the T-shirt itself;
    I am very satisfied. As advertised, it is constructed using a Hanes Beefy T for the foundation. Well constructed, all seams are well sewed with no dangling thread ends.
    (As is typical of this Hanes shirt, I would reccomend going big, if you have any doubts as to what size to order for yourself. I'm an average size fellow and am not at all wallowing in extra room in a large sized shirt.)
    The logos are a very pleasing shade of blue, and expertly placed on the shirt. No gaps or holes in the design, and in no way off center or less than straight.

    I see no need to place a pic of this product in this review, as the shirt shown at the cafepress site is without doubt exactly the article which arrived at my home.

    I did want a TT shirt with the "Tweaking done right down under" logo. Perhaps if this venture proves reasonably advantageous to the TweakTown treasury I may get the opportunity to own one of those too.
    But that is not to say I don't like this design, and of course, this is the shirt advertised so there is no disappointment on my part.

    Overall, the purchase of this shirt had no unwanted surprises at any point. Cafepress did a fine job, and I was quite pleased at the directness of the ordering process. The shirt itself is high-quality, just as Mr. Tweak stated.

    I will be wearing this shirt regularly in a few short months, as it is winter here now, and a T just isn't sensible at this point on the calender.

    Not only will I be looking all studly in my uber-savvy TT T-shirt, but hopefully will by wearing it spread the word of the fine articles and conversations to be found everyday on the TweakTown site.

    Thanks for the opportunity to support TweakTown Cameron.
    I hope this works out well for you. I've got my eye on a coffee mug at some hopefully not too distant date. Because hey, coffee is everyday - even when it is 4 degrees outside, like now.

    To the members of the TT community - you should get you one of these T's, they rock!:thumb:
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.

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    That is great to hear, I am glad you are happy with it! :)
    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
    Managing Director
    Tweak Town Pty Ltd

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    Pleased as can be, yes sir!
    Got it on under a sweatshirt ATM. You'll be seen on the streets this spring for sure.
    Thanks Mr. Tweak - I hope this purchase helps out a little.
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.

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