I bought a pack of these at best buy for $24.99 for 100 CD-Rs. I was wondering if anybody else has tried them? They don't come with a case they come wrapped in a plastic wrap with plastic tops on the top and bottom ends. I thought it might be a good deal so I bought a pack and took some home to try out.(I had some extra empty cd container cases to put them on) They are 1x-48x speeds and made in Taiwan. 80 min/700 mb. Just standard CD-R media.

I have a game that I own that I made a backup disk for the two CDs I have and they did great! Then I tried it with a song I had and it did just fine. I used Nero for the music and Clone CD to make a backup copy of my game. All in all, I have to say that I am quite suprised!

I have not encountered any issues with it except for something strange which really has nothing to do with how the CDs burn. What I noticed, is that in win XP Pro, usually when I insert a blank CD-r into my CD Burner, it usually comes up with a small window that is empty! This is showing that the media I have inserted is blank.

But with this particular media, even though I make sure I have a blank Basix CD-R in the drive, windows says "the media is not accessable", then it also says "incorrect function"??? But Nero and Clone CD recognise it and burn to it just fine! Whenever I put a Basix CD-R blank CD into my Sony DRU-500AX (4x/32x/4x DVD-Burner) or my LG 52x/32x/52x (CD- Burner) I get the SAME message from win xp pro....(the LG cd-burner) F:\ is not accessable. Incorrect function.) BUT it also says the same thing on my Sony DRU-500AX which would be E:\) So I think that win xp pro is not recognising the blank CD-R media! I don't think it is either one of my burners, since the message is the same on both!

Is this a common thing for cheaper CD-R media in win xp? I don't know if I should be concerned or not, but it seems to burn everything I try just fine! Even using different programs and burners! What do you guys think??