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Thread: Thermalright SK6

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    Cant believe i'm the 1st one in this!!! YES!! me a sad git

    just bought the thermalright SK6 from
    after hearing Rad reviews on this HSF.
    i'm using a Abit KG7 mobo with AMD [email protected]
    attached a 60>80mm fan adapter(also from and using YS Tech 80 mm fan
    Temp is about 53C under normal use..and goes up to 57C when playing CS. i onli have 2 60 mm blowing out and 1 80 mm blowing from the front.

    In my opinion this is ok cause was using a thermoengine B4 this and temps could reach up to 63C.

    cons bout the heatsink:
    Instructions please!!!!!!!
    lots of ppl ave fastened the clip the wrong way and lead to poor contact between the HS and processor.

    the SK6 uses wire clips to attach the fan to the HS...some ppl might have probss fitting this me!:snip: cause i was afraid of snapping the damn thing!!

    PLease bcareful when u clip the HS on the mobo. i crushed 2 Processors with the SK6!!!! 1.4 T-birds at XXX£!!!! :cry:
    warranty void with crushed cores!

    damn expensive!!! just the HS £30!!!

    wat's good bout this HS
    solid cooling capabilities
    copper..copper copper..

    Alpha PAL8045
    also reviewed at tweak town :)
    have a friend using this one...solid cooling..but no £££ after spending on 3 processors!!!!:cry:

    that's all folks...:D

    My baby!!
    windows XP Pro, Abit Kg7 Raid, AMD [email protected], Crucial 256 PC2100, 40 Gig IBM 60 GXP, Digidoc 5, creative sould blaster Live platinum 5.1, PlexWriter 16X, LG DvD £££ after all that...

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    Nice review JRY
    Thanks, hope it serves you well for a long time to come:thumb:
    The reason a diamond shines so brightly is because it has many facets which reflect light.

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