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Thread: BEST DAMN Video card for under $100?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xmlviking
    Called viewsonic....
    The dude said the horizontal synch was dead. So I need to RMA the boat. Man it's still under warranty! LOL
    I bought it in August of
    But a P810 is a P810! It's a freaking 22" monitor! I'm sending the boat to California. If they can't fix it they are sending me a new comprable one! LOL nice!
    Thanks for the help!
    No problem, glad we could help !

    Quote Originally Posted by xmlviking
    My only problem is that I bought this "chinyankavich" ADVUE 18.1" LCD and I should have spent the extra coin and purchased the viewsonic LCD....damn maybe I should take this thing back!
    **** they gave the damn floor model for heavens sake! It cost me 0 bucks....maybe I take it back and get myself a viewsonic LCD! yeah yeah..
    Try to return it...If possible, get the Viewsonic LCD or since the Viewsonic P810 will be passed under warranty, maybe some other part(s) that might interest you... :cheers:
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    I was looking at the viewsonics and it does not look like they have one that is better than the 1280x1040 res.....

    So what's the deal does the picture just look better? I mean the adevue looks pretty...good...
    Smile and enjoy the view

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    I believe most 17-18" LCD's use 1280x1024 as their native and max resolution, I'm not gonna complain though cuz that looks damn good :D The big things to look at when choosing an LCD monitor are contrast ratio, pixel response time, and viewing angles :thumb: I really like my LCD, don't think I'll ever go back to a CRT they make my eyes hurt too damn much :rofl:

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    So the viewsonic VE800

    Viewsonic VE800
    Type 18.1" color TFT active matrix SXGA LCD
    Display Area 14.1" (horizontal) x 11.3" (vertical); 18.1" diagonal
    Optimum Resolution 1280x1024
    Brightness 200 cd/mē (typ)
    Contrast Ratio 400:1 (typ)
    Viewing Angle 170° horizontal, 170° vertical
    Response Time 25ms (typ)
    Light Source Long life, 50,000 hrs. (typ)
    Panel Surface Anti-glare

    LCD Type 18.1" color, TFT active matrix SXGA LCD
    Display Area (H x V) 18.1" diagonal; (14.06"x11.25")
    Pixel Pitch (W x H) 0.2805mm x 0.2805mm
    Optimum Resolution 1280 x 1024
    Brightness 250 cd/m2 (typ)
    Contrast Ratio 350:1 (typ)
    Viewing Angle 160° horizontal, 160° vertical
    Response Time 30ms total; Tr=15ms, Tf=15ms (typ)
    Panel Surface Anti-glare
    Displayable Colors 16.7M (max)

    What do you think? I mean they did give me the damn floor model! And would not even give me a price break!

    So I think I'm going to take the puppy back! I mean I got a damn video card from them!

    I found this link on the VE800
    great price on the VE800

    I paid $449 for the Advueu LCD.....I could get the Viewsonic for $477 plus $21 bucks shipping?
    Smile and enjoy the view

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    Shipping the beastie out tommorrow or tuesday.

    Damn 22" monitor weighs a ton... probably going to cost me $120 bucks to ship it!

    The guy from Viewsonic said that they would fix it becuase it was still under the 3 year warranty...sweet!

    So I may have my fat ******* back again!

    *re-united cause it feels so good....* :laugh:

    So if they can't fix he says...."oh we ship a new one...that is comprable to the old one." NICE!

    Here is to hopping that bad boy is FRIED!

    Smile and enjoy the view

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    from my experience, most ppl that i make/fix computers for just run and buy whatever. with no thought about what they are getting and end up rebuying the same old stuff.
    Like 1 guy that keeps buying obsolete gfx cards and broken printers. He goes and gets an agp rage 128 aiw for $100 with no intention of using the aiw features. Then he gets a pci gf2mx400 32mb for another $125(thinking bigger $=better). Then an agp gf2mx64mb for $90. Then an agp radeon7000(a 50% downgrade)for $100. All within the last 10 months.He plans on getting a gf4mx440 for $159. By now he could have got a real r9700p aiw for the same money.(cdn $)
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