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Thread: GF4MX440 and FX tv-out I'm stuck in NTSC!

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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm in Brazil, where the tv signal is PAL-M, well, I had a GF4MX440 without ViVo and now I have a FX5200 and the same problem on the tv out is present:

    When I install the card and drivers, the initial tv system is NTSC-M, ok, then I change it to PAL-M and what happens? nothing! but then, accepting I'd get a B&W picture forever on my tv, I tried some DOS games, THEY ARE PAL-M if I select PAL_m from the nview tab, my desktop or windows apps and games are still B&W, but fullscreen DOS becomes colored, and dos boxes of coure B&W. DOS before booting into windows is B&W too, so I assume the card's default is NTSC, and it only changes when windows tells the card to do so. Does anyone have an idea to solve this weird problem?
    Are there any registry modifications or bios modding that can set the card to disply PAL all the time?

    Thanx, and sorry for the long text,


    Aditional info:
    No matter how many times I change the tv signal, when I open display properties again, the crap is at NTSC-M again!

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    Not sure on exactly how to fix that one. One thing to try is to manually change the transmission types until you find one that actually works fine with your TV. Depending on the TV itself, it might support other standards as well, so this is worth a shot. I know here in Australia we use PAL B/G, but most TV sets here now support NTSC anyway.

    Hope it works.

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    Check your video card manual, maybe your vid has a jumper to switch between PAL and NTSC.

    For example my GeForce2MX [:cry:] has two jumpers to change the TV Mode, and by default it is in NTSC.

    Hope it helps...

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