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Thread: Can I use dual video cards?

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    Well I think the subject line says it all. I've been thinking of trying to use two of the same video cards (64mb Nvidia GeForce2 Mx-400). It's probably something REAL stupid to do, but I'm just curious to see I can run both at the same time get any improvement. Does anybody know anything about this? I could use some advice.

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    you only have 1 agp putting 2 agp cards in could be a bit difficult

    if you go pci that's a slightly different story...

    but why would you want to? many cards come with dual display support

    even if it was possible, there wouldn't be any performance boost...might even lower performance
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    true... more cards=more cpu power=more ram=a lot of crap...
    no point in using two v cards... even for pci cards in this case... as far as i`m concerned, most newer cards come with multiple display support... so what`s the point...?
    keep things simple...
    but if you wanna try it out anyway, no one`s gonna stop you... but i don`t think it`s gonna give you any performance boost or anything... might even slow it down...
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    You used to be able to do this with some of the Voodoo cards, and it would actually help performance a good deal, but I don't believe it is supported by any of today's cards even if you could hook 2 up to your mobo :thumbs do

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    theyneverknew what ya thinkin' of is Scan Line Interleaving (or SLI) which Voodoo II's where good at when paired and Voodoo5 5000's (2 GPU's on this card) did by themselves but I use to use dual video cards a while back with no probs but with today's dual output it's much easier as ya don't have to play around with IRQ's and other possible conflicts (dependin' on the cards used).

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