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Thread: Refresh Rates

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    Quote Originally Posted by PcNoob
    POwahh !!!

    thanks guys for the info.
    Never knew where the headaches were coming from
    now i know so is on 75 hz.
    Thanks dudes

    More babble that can cause eyestrain while using a P.C..

    Fluorescent lighting in the same room as your P.C. can cause headaches while using your P.C..
    Still pictures, like staring at your desktop or reading a webpage (Clean or dirty) will cause more eyestrain than playing a fast action video game with constantly changing screens (GTA VC =Not bad). Most RTS games= NOT GOOD FOR EYES!
    Also if your eyesight isn't perfect (20\20) and you do not wear\use something to correct your vision it can cause more strain on your eyes looking at the monitor than the average Joe. Stigmatism can really hurt (Major Red-eye).
    Actually your not suppose to look at a computer screen for more than a half an hour without taking a break. Adjusting your desktop to a higher refresh rate (75 mhz or above recommended)will certainly help but there are other things to consider also.

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    Yeh i got XP and i know my Monitor supports it so is at 75hz now

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