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Well if your card shows a 9800pro under the hardware manager that is strange, I used to have a radeon 9700 non pro and that did'nt show as a pro in the hardware manager so maybe you did get lucky you are better off asking somone who has the none pro to see if it is the same for them, I think the pro dose have slightly better memory and of course it will have better cooling and if you go for hercules you get a cool heasink and crystall orb fan witch are one of the best if not the best graphic card fans on the market.

I called ATI Tech support today and he told me that since my card is listed as a pro that I got the better card since a pro is better than a non-pro (Duh!). I would suggest that everyone here that buys an ATI Radeon 9800 non-pro and it actually is just that to return the product and rebuy it until they get a pro card, becuase from what I just heard it sounds as if its a 50\50 gamble you could get more for less. This is strange is you ask me.