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Thread: Is there really THAT much difference between a Ti 4200 8x an

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeradul
    This may not be the case in Australia, and (some areas of) Europe where the internet is still fairly weak. But in the US and Canada, we can ping almost everywhere in the continent at under 50ms, causing these games to be but an engine for an onslaught of user made multiplayer mods.
    Yes "some" areas.. lol

    Sweden is one of the worlds most prominent countrys when it comes to offer fast connections to many people. And hey we have about as many people here as one big town in usa. Actually a bit less than a big town.. About 8 million people atm.. :)


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    I started with the modern internet using a sega dreamcast @56k. At the time most ppl had real slow modems in their sad old computers like 14-28k. And really slow 25-266mhz cpu's did not help either. The gaming quality was better than pc at the time(in general). So I got right into the sega online gaming thing and even stopped playing the non online titles for the most part. Now that everyone and their dog has cable or dsl, online pc gaming is better than ever. As time went on since I got cable, most of my gaming is with pc now. Now the servers that sega games use are slowly going away as it winds down. Quake3 only had 5 left. Daytona USA gone. Alien front online gone. Unreal is gone as of a month ago(that really sucks) and speed devils online racing was slated to be chopped june 24. But I havent played it for a few weeks. I"m afraid to try(would be a huge dissapointment)ONLINE DC LIST
    I can still enjoy a some of the 52 games offline, so it's not so bad(yea right)
    That my story of online and sp gaming.
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    Yes, In fact the guy credited with 'Inventing' the internet (as we know it, HTTP and GUI) is a swedish guy, and I think he's still under 40.

    I saw a 'Modern Marvels: The Internet' about 6 months ago, but I think I am right that he is from sweden, but anyways, the SHOW on the History channel was SO SWEET, because Everyone who has ever contributed ANYTHING to networking and/or Internet is Alive, and Young! I mean, there were two guys who networked the first two computers, who were like 60, but everyone else was young 30's + 40's.

    Thats a far cry from most of the History Channel shows, where if they talk with Henry Ford's grandson they're doing good :D
    "In their capacity as a tool, computers will be but a ripple on the surface of our culture. In their capacity as intellectual challenge, they are without precedent in the cultural history of mankind." - Edsger Dijkstra

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLaCo
    I always did and always will understand both perspectives...and honestly its all about preference...but at the end i believe online gameplay will be my perfeence just for replay value...then again you have the great felling of getting the "good" ending or finishing a long ass game...nothing can beat that...

    LOL sh*t Beefy you got reminded me of those long night playing Crono Cross...or FF Tactics...EVEN PART 7 when that monster came out i was hooked as well...

    As of now..with my lifestyle which keeps getting busy...i would choose Online Gameplay...just because of the in and out type well...i acn't sit there for hours like i used to...

    But you're right...Beefy i see your light the same one i saw when i was 14-19
    :) Sorry to put you in a corner, but just trying to prove a point. What you said actually sums up the whole thing though. It boils down to what kind of time you've got to spend on playing games. If you can spare a couple hours or less, you'll go for the quick thrills of online gaming. If you have time to sit and enjoy, the single player experience is great.

    You sound a lot like me now. My attention span has gone to crap when I try play online games. They are good for a while, but it doesn't hold me. Yet a decent, captivating single player game will draw me in. That's the reason I've now got the three major consoles, as well as a decent PC. So I can play all the good single player games that come out. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beefy
    :) Sorry to put you in a corner, but just trying to prove a point.
    Don't worry about it...:cheers:
    - Damien

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