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Thread: System topped out?

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    Hey all, I have just recently starting getting into tweaking my pc... so im kinda a newb at this, so forgive me. Anyways, heres the prob... my video card (I think, could be the system) has topped out. I play c-s and tribes2 a lot, and I max out at around 60 - 62 fps. Its alright, but I want more. Ive done everything I can within the game(s) to get it higher, but to no avail. Heres my system specs, maybe someone could give me a hand.
    ECS k7sem mobo
    amd duron 1.3 ghz
    512 mb ram (sd I think)
    30 & 80 gb hard drives
    gforce4 440 mx 64mb vid card

    I know its not top of the line, but it works for me, and if any of you could help me maybe get the most of this, or let me know that I AM getting the most out of this, it would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advancE!
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    Well, with that ECS mobo, you won't be doing any Overclocking. And the GF4 MX is really only a remodeled GF2.

    If you want improvement in just those two games, buy any GF3 or GF4 (non-MX)

    If you are interested in playing newer games in the near future then I suggest buying a whole new system. You would be able to keep your drives, and other things like floppy drive, cd-roms, etc. The upgrade I'd suggest would cost 300-600$ depending on how much you want to spend.
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    the processor could be overclocked by using a program such as softFSB (sorry i dont know where you can get it from)

    however i own a similar gForce card (GF4 MX 440 128mb and i can achieve reasonable frame rates by overclocking the card using powerstrip to increase the speed of the core and memory clocks just make sure you have good airflow across the card to avoid damaging it

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