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Thread: GeForce4 MX 440 8X AGP 128MB DDR ?

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    Jul 2003


    any one have this card? tell me the pro cons of this card.

    i like the 128mb.

    i play warcraft iii on my system quite abit.

    thanks for any input.
    System 1:

    amd xp 2400
    ecs k7s5apro MB
    512 ddr 2700
    cool master fan
    20 gig maxtor hdd
    17 gig maxtor hdd
    32 mg video card --upgrade soon

    System 2:

    FIC VB-601 MB
    384 sdram
    8 gig maxtor hdd
    32 mg video card

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    Well, since the GeForce4 MX is a GeForce2MX++, I don't think the 128MB will help much.:thumbs do

    Better look for other card, like the Radeon 9x00 or a GeForce4 Ti4200.

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    ive got the AGP 4x version of that card and i can score appox 2000 more 3D marks than with my old 64Mb geforce 2 mx 400

    get it if you dont need the latest card but dont spend to much on it

    if you intend on playin new games you may want to consider lookin for a better card like Unforgiven{BGF} suggested

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    There not bad cards but they're only DX7 compliant and my R9K (DX8) is faster though my GF4 Ti4200's leave both in the dust.

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    Sorry if it seems that I was telling they were bad, no, I got a GeForce2MX 32MB, and I can play WC3 in medium quality, my point was that for the same price (or less) you could buy a Radeon9000, which is better than the GF4MX.

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    Moving to Video Card section.

    Personally, like a lot of people, I can't see the point in getting a GF4MX.

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    dont mean to shoot down nvidia's budget cards but sorry, They suck! my geforce 2 mx200 (i know its old) but it is a really bad card, the geforce 4mx's are a lot better but i dont really trust and vid card with mx in it anymore, same with the fx5200 (unless its the ultra) just my opinion, im lookin at sumthin like a 9000/9100/9200 which so far seems to be a lot better choice unless i save the pennies for a ti4200.

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    If ya get a radeon9000, make sure it's a pro. I'm real happy with it. 6357 on 3d '01 and 1245 on 3d '03.(non pro managed 3790 3d '01) My other choice in the same price range was msi gf4 mx440 128mb vivo. I was upgrading from a radeon7000 64mb vivo.(that card really sucked) Although it did have environment bump mapping(dx8.0), that did not make up for the bad performance. I wished I had a gf2 mx that time around. Even thats 100% better than r7000. The r9000 and pro are dx8.1 which is quite up to date.
    Heard too many horror stories about r9100, it's not even on ati's site at all.(strange)
    I'm not sure but I think the r9200 will go the way of the r7200 real quick.(it's no real improvement from the r9000 except agp 8x and everybody is pushin the non pro). :thumbs do

    edit: well this may be neat link but the non pro scares me even with 256mb, whats with the passive cooling???
    athlon [email protected](12x204)
    tt aquariusII liquid cooled/ arctic silver ceramique
    asus a7n8xe-dlx
    thermaltake xaserIII lanfire
    bfg 6800gt
    seagate sataII 250gb/seagate 7200rpm 160gb ide
    samsung dvdrw
    2x1024 kingston hyper-x pc3200/ windows xp pro sp3
    logitech mx518/ logitech wingman rumble
    2x samsung 955df 19"/ canon i960
    creative x-fi fatal1ty 64mb/ altec lansing 251-5.1
    mushkin 550w

    opteron 146 @ 2850 (10x285)
    DFI infinity nf4 ultra
    thermaltake tsunami dream -black
    seagate sataII 500gb
    evga 8600gt oc ssc edition
    samsung sata dvd-rw
    2x1024 ocz black
    logitech ifeel/ nec accusync 75f
    ocz fatal1ty 550w

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