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Thread: Battle Between Nvidia and ATI

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    True, but I just wish the 9900 could come soon, I might try one just for the hell of it.. :)


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    Talking about game compatibility... yeah just look at the alliance between EA and NVidia. Even though there are no clear evidence on how they do it (is it gonna be "NVidia exclusive" or whatever), it's just beginning to be unhealthy. What if ATI have it with, say, blizzard, or ubisoft, then?
    It's crazy, the whole idea.

    I'm a Radeon9700pro owner myself, and now i wish i had got the 5900... or not..

    .......and the battle continues....
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    Nvidia speaks to Driverheaven - Omega drivers will continue

    Recently I was contacted by Nvidia via telephone and they wish to work with Driverheaven regarding drivers and other issues, I will be detailing more about this shortly, but they wanted to make this initial statement to our members.


    There has been alot of discussion recently regarding 'Omega drivers', much of which is based on conjecture or on personal opinion. Although we cannot discuss the situation in detail, we do want to provide some clarification to NVIDIA's position on 3rd party developed drivers. We do, as active members of the 3D community, understand the need and popularity of 3rd party drivers but we have been reluctantly forced into taking this action. However this action is limited to a single occurrence and does not represent a company policy as to future thrid party drivers.

    After reports of instability stemming from the third party drivers, we requested the drivers be removed from the website distributing them. The fact that this was being reported to us at NVIDIA implied that the drivers were not clearly marked as non NVIDIA and non official drivers and users were understandably upset that we were not taking action with respect to these drivers.

    Only the drivers which users had complained about were asked to be removed from the website and we also asked for our logo to be removed to ensure that end users were not confused as to the origin of the drivers and subsequently the risk involved with using them.

    NVIDIA does not, in any way, condemn the development of third party drivers; quite the opposite. We recognize the importance of third party drivers and for this reason we have not asked for work on the specific driver to cease. Our action is intended solely to ensure that the origin of the driver is clearly stated and the end user is made fully aware of the risks they take installing them.


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