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Thread: Bios of 9500np to 9700np, can it enable 8 pipelines?

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    Ive got a 9500np, with soft (driver hack from max\wizzrd) mod, and I'm overclocking with Rage 3D (So I guess my Bios is unlocked), works great.
    What I want to know is A, can I flash the Bios of my card from the stock 9500np to a 9700np, and B, will this enable the extra 4 pipelines (for a total of 8) withought the need for a driver mod/hack.
    P.S I've deffinetly got a Rad 9700 PCB (red), 256Bit Mem interface, correct ram config, R300 core, 128MB 3.3ns ram (boo!).
    Not sure of the make as I bought it as a white box from of all places Evesham tech (for 110, they've still got some I think) there's no "brand" stickers on the card, just an ATI sticker on the GPU fan.
    Could I use one of the Bios flash utilities and a 9700np Bios, to get all my pipelines?

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    It will actually depend on the brand and model number of card that ya have.

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    Didnt later 9500 pro's actually have the four deactivated pipelines physically taken out, as ATi realized it was a waste of money etc.?
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