I wasnt very sure what topic section to put this in, so I picked this section, I hope thats ok.....
Could someone tell me what the PCI/AGP LATENCY should be set to in my MB Bios ???
I tried setting it to 128 but my machine seemed to slow right down so I've put it back to 32.........Is it the lower the better and/or the higher the better, looks like lower works best to me.....Also, I cant remember where I read about twiddling with the Latency (to drunk probably) but iam sure I read something about "set it to 128 for agp" and its an agp graphics card I have, sooo whats the score with that ???

I noticed when I was in the bios settings that the primary VGA bios was set to pci/agp video card but has the option to change it to agp vga card, I've got an agp card so shouldnt this setting be set to the agp one ?

Also, if you look on this site ( http://www.a1-electronics.net/AMD_Se...ning_pg2.shtml) you'll see section about "CAS LATENCY TIME", whats that all about and what should I tweak in the bios for better performance ?
Please advise, cheers
Sorry about long note guy's !!!