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Thread: ATI vs Nvidia AOD DX9 Benchmarks

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    Dave Baumann at Beyond 3D sends word that they have posted a mini review which looks at PS2.0 DX9 functionality!

    Reverend introduced a new benchmark to B3D recently, being Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness. The importance of this benchmark is that it is the first to full utilise PS2.0 DX9 functionality within a gaming environment.

    To gain an understanding of the relative performances of DX9 boards we have a short article comparing the performances of the 5200 Ultra, 5600 Ultra, 9500, 9600 PRO and at the high end the 5800 Ultra, 5900 Ultra, 9700 PRO and 9800 PRO.

    ATI vs Nvidia AOD DX9 Benchmarks :flames:

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    As I understand it, Direct X9 is not fully implemented in AOD, which has proved such a disappointment, that Tomb Raider owner and publisher EIDOS has transferred development from their Core Studio in the UK to their Crystal Dynamics Studio in America.

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    That has got to be the most BS filled set of benchmarks I have ever seen...

    My card runs right next to every 9800Pro I have ever seen...and I have seen a lot of benchmarks and 3dmarks.

    I have that game...and I don't experience those problems.

    FX5900 - 3DMark2001 [20,566] - 3DMark2003 [7,281] - Aquamark3 [56,694]
    Ti4400 - 3DMark2001 [16,028]

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