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Thread: Is Task bar and Task Scheduler the same thing?

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    Task bar is making my ATI Radeon 9800 pro do strange things, like hiccupy slowdowns when its running.

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    the task bar is the long bar at the bottom of your screen that shows what apps and windows you have open right now.

    the task scheduler is just that, it schedules events to happen at a specific date/time. It is usually not activly visable except for a possible Icon in the System Tray.

    the system tray is the portion of the task bar on the right where the clock is located. This area usually shows which apps are running in the background

    none of these will will effect your video card, however the apps they show running might. Try shutting down some of the active apps and services and see if that helps anything.

    You can also shut down many things running in the back ground by using Task Manager, but unless you know what your are doing, you should just leave it alone.
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