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Thread: Color Depth ?!

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    Ok. I'm still confused. :confused:
    We play games in 32bit color these days...
    When are we going to play games in 64bit / 96bit / 128bit color ???:?:
    Isn't that what ATI & nVidia were raving about for the pass year ? 96bit color for ATI and 128bit color for nVidia, which could be considered as being the same.
    Will HL2 or Doom3 use these color depths ?
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    Haven't heard of any 96-bit anythings, but the 64-bit and 128-bit references may be your memory bandwidth for transferring those large graphics data streams aboard the video card. ATI is tauting 256-bit data streams right now.

    As to using this type of color depth, I'm not aware of any monitors currently available that would be able to display this type of video quality. Not to say they don't exist, but I haven't heard of anything as of yet.
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    I think you got it confused with transfer rate. I don't think 96 is one of those factors though. 8, 16,32, 64,128,256 bit . Never heard of 96 :confused:
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