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Thread: I hope this doesn't break forum mrules

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    hey guys,

    I need my mind to be de fogged. I going to overclock my Radeon 9500 pro. Now I need to have my understanding of how to do it clarified. Right here's what I plan to do.

    1)firstly I need to install a floppy drive into my pc
    2)Then I need to create a MS Dos start disk.
    3)Then I need to put the flash utility and the new bios on
    4)Then I need to back up the orginal bios by typing this command
    'atiflash -s 0 original.bin
    5)Then I type atiflash -f -p 0 9500warp.bin which flashes the bios
    6) Then I need to download a oc util

    is that right? I'm a little nervous of doing this as I don't have the money to replace it. Presumbly if it all goes wrong then all I type to put the original back on is to replace 9500warp with original.bin

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    be careful, last year I tried to flash a motherboard and messed up.....follow the instructions to the letter !!!

    - make more than 1 copy of your original bios.,
    - if you aint got the money to replace it, dont do it.,
    - if something dont look right, stop, dont proceed.,
    - if youre really really scared, call tech support and have them walk you through it over the phone., if it goes wrong, you can blame them and make them send you a new bios chip.

    good luck. : peace2:

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    I can't count the number of times I have successfully flashed a mobo's bios, but I can tell you how many time I have screwed one up, none. If you take precausion and don't rush it, you really don't have much to worry about. And like lexsis said, just follow the instructions.

    But from the sounds of it, you want to flash the video card's BIOS, something I have never even thought of before. Although I can't imagine it's any different than upgrading the mobo bios or th firmware on any other device. If you follow the instructions, you don't have much to worry about.

    BTW, what rules were you concerned about breaking? :confused:
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    BTW, what rules were you concerned about breaking?
    I was just being cautious. I've flashed m/b bios loads of times as well however I've never flashed a video card bios which you have to do to overclock the 9500 pro as its clock locked. Anyway I've down a whole load more research and its lucky I'm at work as I would have done just using using one bios update. Firstly you have to find out what memory your using as its bios speific. Anyways I manage to find a kit located here 9500 pro overclock and a walkthrough. I orginally found it on the Rage forum but I can't find that link. Anyway I'm off home now. Either A I'll won't be on here because I'm having fun getting higher 3d scores of B I'm on here whining about how it all went wrong.

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    I flashed the bios on my Radeon 9500pro so i could overclock it, and i've been very happy. Visit the rage3d site if you have any other concerns; theres pages and pages of info on the forums there

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