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Thread: Just a small question...

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    Hello All,

    I've noticed when you guys overclock your VC's, you give the mhz ratings.

    But whats the second one mean?
    (example: 390/640)

    I know the 1st one is the core clock speed, but if the second one is memory how come its so high? My Radeon 9800 NP is OC'd at 414mhz core and 310.5mhz mem.

    Is it because its DDR mem and you 2x the mem clock?

    Just want to know. :shrug:


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    p.boy: It's the effective rate which in your case would be 621MHz.

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    the memory is ddr...which means double data rate so double that # youve got...i think
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    Quote Originally Posted by dude281
    the memory is ddr...which means double data rate so double that # youve got...i think
    Your video card for example would be : 310.5mhz (x2) = 621MHz. as weta said in his post.
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    Nvidia likes to post big numbers so they show the DDR or Double Data Rate, while ATI usually shows the clock frequency (mhz).

    Just double it.

    For example, mine is 900, but the real frequency is 450mhz.

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