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Thread: Some newbe jerk wants advice...

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    A have a 866 P3 Dell that I want to build up into a semi decent machine that will be able to play some of the newer games. I'm thinking I should start with a graphics card cause my intergrated graphics stinks to high heaven. I'm looking for something in the $50 to $100 range, but really not sure what to get (Ati? GeForce?). I'm checking Pricegrabber as well as these forums for the inside info, but can't come to any conclusions. Any info would be helpful...

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    Nothing in that price range will play any new games with details up, or upcoming games at all just about.

    Your best bet is a Ti4200 for around $100 and clock it up to 4400-4600 speeds.

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    Quite frankly ya'd be better off plannin' to build a whole new PC based on more modern technology though upgradin' the video may help in the very short term dependin' on the motherboard it is usin'. : peace2:

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