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Thread: how do they rate: compared to each other

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    simple question;

    how do the video cards rate against each other. Ive been out of work for a while and would normally guy the top dollar video card available but I had to settle for a $100 card.

    I got the PNY FX 5200 so I was wondering on the sliding scale of video card performance, where does my lowly card rank?


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    The FX5200 will perform a lot worse than a TI4200. $100 is a rip for that card unfortunately. Is it too late to return it?

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    Sovereignty : Before you say that someone got ripped off..First ask them where they got it from (Online site or Local store) and ask where they are located. ie: Canada, USA, Australia, etc...As that might account for higher or lower prices (exchange rates)

    lexsis : In which country are you located ? Did you buy the card online ? If so, which site ?
    What are the rest of your system specs ??

    The card is a good card. Not the best, as you know.
    I purchased a Radeon 7500 a year and a half ago. Big mistake on my part, but it was all I could afford at the time and it did a good job...(I know what it's like)
    Your FX5200 is a low end card (still good) but it won't be much good in most of the newer games, such as HalfLife2 for example.
    If you could return it, and have the funds to change it for a Radeon 9500 / 9600 (Pro or non-Pro), you would see a much bigger increase in performance. (ATI Radeons don't seem to have a problem with Shaders 2.0 - A feature that will surely become a standard fairly quickly)
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