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Thread: Trouble with the 9800 pro 128MB...

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    Well, I'm new here. What's up fellas. I have a question concerning my system which I recently upgraded.

    Processor: AMD XP 2600+ (Thorough Bred)
    VPU: Radeon 9800 Pro
    Motherboard: Gigabyte K7 Triton (KT600)
    RAM: 512MB PC2100 DDR

    Blah blah blah, I dont think anything else is important. Anyway. Originally I had bought the 9800 and put it in my system with a 1900+ and a, old gigabyte board that only supported 4x AGP. In the 2001 3Dmarks I was gettin 12540. I figured it was just the 4x AGP or slow processor. But after I upgraded, IT WAS EXACTLY THE SAME! 12540. This kinda surprised me seeing as it wasn't running much faster than my brothers old Ti4600 card. And he has a bad processor as well. I DONT KNOW WHATS WRONG! I should be getting at least 15000 right? The only thing I could think of was the RAM, but would it really make that big a difference to go to PC3200 or sumpin like that? Oh, and I have tried overclocking, but it starts artifacting and restarting at 410 clock. Whats wrong? Please someone help.

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    mmm i can't hit the same score twice even if i don't make any changes whatsoever between tests! are you with me?..............?


    ;] thguoht a tsuj ?eciwt hcneb emas eht ta gnikool ton er'uoy erus uoy era

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    that is the only thing i can think of it really helps.

    I am sure your video card is holding back on you because of your ram. Because I have the 9800 pro also and i get better than you.

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