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Thread: HELP on new video card!

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    Hey all I'm gonna be building a new PC in 2months I don't see any new chip sets coming out so I'm deciding on Video cards that will be alsume for HL2 an Doom3 an such. whats the top an mid ATI an Nvida card I currently have a Radeon 7500 128mb an it sucks :) so i don't want to keep it.


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    Hmm i dont know what kind of money you want to spend on the card, but i will tyr to do my best.

    Judging by HL2, Doom3, it should be a DX9 card.

    I would look at radeon 9500pro 128meg for mid range. If you cant get that, get 9600pro 128meg, Its not as good, but does the job.

    Besides, 9500pro can be softmodded into a radeon 9700.

    mmmm 9500....

    However, that can cost you. Of course if you have money, i would go after 9700pro 128meg. I wouldnt get 9800pro DDR-2 yet as it might be too expensive for you, Price diff is big, while not having as much horsepower as you paid for.

    That is high-end.

    If 9500/9600 is a bad way for you, there is also nVidia

    5600s perform just a tad worse than a Ti4200 in DX8 tests. And they perform a tad worse in DX9 tests as well. Leaving Ti4200 a better choice, even tough its a DX8 card.

    1 thing that i want to add. Stay away from FX5200. Stay away. If i had a choice of staying with a super underclocked budget MX420, i would choose that. Not FX5200.: omg: Dont let the low price do the talk.

    Hope i was help.
    My 2 cents! :2cents: :woot:

    Im getting my Ti4200 Gaiward Golden Sample 64meg delivered in 2 days, and i paid $120 NZ for it. That would be about $55 US. Of course thats 2nd Hand, but you always know what kind of card that is, how good it is at certain tasks, and can ask the previous owner if its any good at overclocking. 2nd rules man.
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    preferably the 9800 pro or xt...those are dx9 games

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    What he said, you wanted the top card right now get the 9800XT or wait and see what Nvidia does. The 9500s are looking slower and slower as time goes on.

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    If you want to adequately play HL2 or Doom 3, you're gonna need a 9700 at least, probably a 9800, or, if you're a nVidia buff, get the 5900.
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