Driverheaven ATI Competition

Driverheaven is running three competitions (overclocking / modding / design) to win previously unreleased ATI graphics cards, here I'll let them explain.

Recently whilst ATI were busy partying at Alcatraz we teamed up with Rage3d for a covert mission. The objective of Mission- ATI-lian Job was to infiltrate the ATI R+D lab in Ontario Canada. The mission was a complete success and as well as grabbing ourselves a few R400 samples we snatched a bag of previously unreleased ATI cards and this month we are offering our half of the samples to the Driverheaven members. Only 20 or so of these cards were EVER made, so they are as hot as you can get, if you win one of these suckers you will be the envy of everyone. The cards have two DVI connectors, including one on the horizontal top edge of the board, two on-board LEDs, and an R200-class ASIC. The rest is top-secret.

APOLOGY: DRIVERHEAVEN would like to apologise to ATI, we only meant to blow the bloody doors off…not destroy the whole wall…

Competition details