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Thread: ATI vs nVIDIA

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    The followings are excerpt from reviews:

    A) Tricks of NVIDIA

    The tricks played by Nvidia FX that it reduced the image quality to win the benchmark and have a better test result.

    All these tactics has been proved from the recent reveiws from HardOCP, AMDMB, Extremetech, Beyond 3D, Digit-Life, 3DGpu etc.

    These editors and a majority of the informed public now know NVIDIA no longer offers the user control of the image they want (and the one ATI delivers).

    B) Tomb Raider - Driver 45.23 Analysis, Timelines Presentation, Update: Product Line Summary

    "Radeon 9600/9700/9800 does quite well, handling PS 2.0 with aplomb, whilst the GeForce FX line from 5600/5800/5900 generates results that can be aptly put as downright pathetic. "

    Source: (NVIDIA fan site)

    C) Beyond 3D, FX just Doesn't Cut it in DX9

    FX just doesn't cut it in DX9 - another latest information and proved that FX5200 in running Direct X 8 is performing less than ATI 9200.

    D) Doom 3

    Duane Pemberton of contacted John Carmack to get his comments about NVIDIA's hardware running Doom3.

    It reported that NVIDIA hardware seems to come to a crawl
    whenever Pixel Shader's are involved, namely PS 2.0..

    NV30 class hardware can run the ARB2 path that usesARB_fragment_program, but it is very slow, which is why it separated NV30 back end that uses NV_fragment_program to specify most of the operations as 12 or 16 bit instead of 32 bit.

    For the reviews of the 9800Pro vs. FX5900Ultra can be found here: [url[/url]

    Please look at the following summary for the comment of 5900, "buy a 5900 Ultra and then start crying when your pals are smoking your ass in games like Half Life 2 and Halo because they're running ATI hardware"

    It has reported that ATI has no longer with driver problem but it
    happened now on 5900 Ultra to end users.

    E) 5200 Vs 9200

    In a review of Tomb Raider:AOD, how 5200 performed slow than Radeon 9200 when it defaults to DX8?

    When do we expect that NVIDIA will realize the importance of this DX9 benchmark and apply FASO.

    Tomb Raider is a TWIMTBP title, that already contains several NVIDIA optimizations which are apparently not enough to cover up their DX9 flaws and Nvidia is trying to improve this performance from their upcoming new driver to the market.

    However, in summary, RADEON cards are much faster "out of the
    box" and will continue to be much faster in real gameplay.

    The analysis and reviews are from its originator and not the writer.;)
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    and, the nv 38 runs neck and neck w/ the cores R420/NV40 out next quarter..........i would hold judgement as of yet on the winner

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    Claiming that ATI has fixed all the driver problems is so mutch bull. There are tons of people that have serious problems playing their favourite games released 6-12 month ago. Vice City is just one example where the drivers sometimes cause stuttering graphics.

    ATI makes great products no doubt but nobody gains from beeing to optimistic.. Like fanboys as Mustang.. :2cents:

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    Why are you comparing a 5200 with a 9200...I think that 5200 compared to any other directx9 card is crap. No flame war about which company is better now people.!: peace:
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