I am putting a new computer together, and therfore have bought the parts needed seperately. My new monitor came in last week. It is a Syncmaster 240t 24' widescreen LCD monitor. Its native resolution is 1920x1260 (something like that). At that time I was using a Geforce TI 4200. I was able to switch to that resolution (in DVI) just fine. I have, since, recieved my new vdo card, and it is a Geforce FX 5900 Ultra. I am not able to use the native DVI resolution with this card for some reason. The highest it will allow me to go is 1280x1024, and is even advertised in the manual as such. Now here is why I am asking the question I am about to ask. If I hook both analog and DVI to my monitor, I can set it to clone, as dual monitors, and just make the analog the primary display. Then I can just view the image from DVI source (which it DOES make a huge difference), and change the resolution to the native. The only problem with this is that I cant watch DVD's in the DVI because it is NOT the primary display. And now for the $10,000,000 question:

Is there a program or a regedit or something to that nature that will allow me to bypass the limitation? I know it can do it. The software I currently have is just not letting me set it to what I want?!..... Any help on this would be awesome. Thanks in advance.